Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pssst....It's Layla

Welcome. It is me, Princess Layla.  Shhhh...don't tell anyone I'm on here.  My brother banned me from using the computer but he's napping and my mommy's cleaning.  I need to get my story out.  This may be the only time I'm let on here so enjoy. djlaj;ltjeiar;oioedkjgakldjgk;d Sorry. Just trying to get used to this whole computer thing. Carry on. Tee hee hee

Mommy portrays me as this smiley, happy go lucky baby. Which, I am.  Life is good...for the most part!

But I do have a hard "tough" side to me. (AKA don't mess with the L Bean.) Tee hee hee

These big flower headbands are just ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. 

Mommy thinks that I'm the one that wants to hang out with her 24/7. I happen to think it's the other way around. Sometimes I think mommy had me just so she could have another best friend. To watch Lifetime movies with and to go shopping with. I'm not a huge fan of Lifetime movies. They bore me. Sowwy Mommy.

Mommy likes to dress me like her personal doll. Today I'm an owl and skinny jeans.

I happen to like going out with my brother and mommy but sometimes they bring me to scary places. 

And sometime they wear scary hats.
Since we're on the subject of my brother.....here we go.

Brady is pretty cool.  He can run fast and jump and sing and do lots of cool stuff.  I admit I want to be just like him.  Sometimes though we get competitive. Here is our "who is prettier" contest.

And our "who is stronger" contest.

Sometimes this is just how we feel about each other though.

And I like to pull his hair. Especially when he reads books about pigs.

Luckily I have no hair for him to pull. Tee hee hee!

I just adore my mommy.....especially what's under her shirt. (Too much?)
So moral of the story is is that my name is Layla.  I like being called Layla bean. I am sweet, cute, giggly, fun, and just all around wonderful. My mom and brother are pretty cool. That guy that we talk to daily is pretty cool too.  But don't call me chubby.....

Or my mommy and I will get you.
El Fin.


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