Friday, October 26, 2012

I have a 2 and a half year old!

Ok I know most people don't celebrate half birthdays but me, I will find a reason to celebrate just about anything.  On the 24th, my little man turned 2 and a half.  That means we are officially closer to 3 than we are to 2 (praise the Lord!).  Oh Brady, Brady, what can I say?  You are the cutest, most spirited, intelligent, hilarious, trying, and loving little boy I've ever met.  There are so many times you just melt my heart ("Mommy I missed you!")  and there are times when I want to put you out front with a for sale sign (sneaking Playdoh out of the counter and making it into hundreds of tiny little balls all over the living room).  You have changed so much in your 2.5 years here on earth, yet in some ways you have stayed the same too.  From day 1 you tested me.  I would watch a Baby Story on TLC and they would say how every moment was joyous and that having a baby was such a wonderful, wonderful experience. And don't get me wrong, the day you were born was a blessed day and I loved you instantly and thought you were precious but whoa, could you cry. And could you eat. And not sleep.  I think you were given to me to show me that I can't control everything, to learn patience, and to show me that those people that have screaming babies, yeah that'd be me (karma is a biotch).  A lot of the things I don't like about myself, I see in you (easily frustrated, stubborn, have a hard time making decisions, and very sensitive).  Yet at the same time those things make you the person you are and I know that you are going to be a very successful adult.  You are so intelligent, I can show you something 1 time and you know it.  You know what phrases to use at the right times (Thank you very much, excuse me, I'm Brady, I'm 2!, etc) and sometimes the things you say just blow my mind.  I love how you love your sister.  I love that you are protective of her already (even if it is only from a 7 month old boy).  I love how you jump at the chance to help me (yes, even helping me brush my teeth).  I love how you turn my words around on me. "Mommy, what do you say? Say please!." "No Mommy, I need to watch Thomas first."  "Ok Mommy, only 1 more time."  I think it's funny how you love to pretend to be sleepy yet you hate taking naps and going to bed.  You are obsessed with all things Thomas and all things cars.  I love how we share a love of sweets and shopping. I know I can always count on you to do a Target and Dairy Queen run with me. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you mister! 
I should have known what the future was going to hold...  :)
Brady with his "half cupcake"!
So although you haven't always made it easy on me, I love you more than anything you sweet little 2.5 year old!
This made me laugh! :)


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