Saturday, March 2, 2013

Winter, Winter, Spaghettios Dinner

Brady here. That's how the saying goes, right? Ugh this whole winter thing is getting real old.  We're all going a little stir crazy.  For example,
Exhibit A.

And exhibit B

Layla has some pretty good ideas though to beat winter boredom.  Her first idea was to eat as much as we can and watch Mickey while we do it.

She took the eating thing a little too far though.

Seriously this girl is always eating.

And then she said "Hey let's make a huge mess with our toys and piss Mommy off!" I have been teaching you well my apprentice.

At least she's got T in her mouth and not P! (pee for those that don't have a sense of humor) Hahahahahhahahha.

We then decided to glue snow to Rascal's legs.  He did not appreciate it.

Then Princess Layla decided we should go the gym and show off our skills.

Daddy thought it would be cool to wear his uniform to impress all of the mommy's.  Don't know if a green onesie did it for them but he felt slick.  And that's what is important. 

Layla tried her hand at the balance beam.  I would like to say that she was successful but chubby thighs don't balance well on the beam. Sorry Layla, it's the truth.

Then I made every girls dream true and I dove into a pool of blocks with them.  "Here I come ladies, here I come!"  They were so excited.

"Ladies? Uhhh ladies??"

And I will close out this blog with a signature photo from Brady Photography.  All images copyrighted. Please don't use without permission.

Dear spring, please come soon so I can ride my tricycle and show the neighbors how fast I am.  

Brady Ross



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