Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Weekend

It's still cold here and we've had just about enough of this whole winter thing!  Here are some pictures from our weekend:
Friday night we went to a family open gym night at the nearby gym/pool called Kids Body Shop. You could tell lots of other families had the same idea!

Brady aka Bat Boy getting ready to do some running around!  He had so much fun and was a sweaty, red faced, mess by the end of it! He slept good that night at least! :)

And Layla worked on her crawling.  Did I mention that Layla is now crawling? Oh yes, she is.  And I am glad she waited 10 months to do it. 

She's crazy now!

Saturday we were supposed to go to the 11:00 show of Disney on Ice but our tickets got messed up (we went with a group of 20) so we ended up having to go to the 7:00 show.  It wasn't a big deal at all, so to keep us busy Saturday morning we went grocery shopping, watched a little Mickey Mouse, and tried to keep the sibling rivarly to a minimum.

The kiddos and I before the show started. It was snowing out (come on, spring!) so we got there a little early.  Luckily the roads weren't bad at all. Brady was pretty excited but he thought we were there to see Mickey skateboarding (?) instead of ice skating but he had fun! The whole ride home he talked all about it. I thought it was pretty neat too. I went when I was a child and I was really impressed with the show as an adult.

He was pretty serious the whole time taking it all in. Here's his "Brady, smile!" picture

The Alice in Wonderland part

It's PETER PAN! You should have heard some of the parents excitment during this. It was hilarious to me! Not sure who some of them were there for, themselves or their kids!

Peter Pan!  I was just amazed that no one fell! Well at least not on purpose!

Brady (Brian) saying hi to the characters (like I said, pure seriousness).

Sunday was a pretty low-key day.  Brian and Brady went to church but Layla and I stayed home so that she could nap.  As Brady says, "Ooh church sooo fun!"  He enjoyed Palm Sunday and time out alone with Daddy.  

It snowed...again.

Layla, Brian, and Brady wrestled

I worked on Brady's 3rd Birthday party (train themed, of course!)

Layla tried her 1st BLT

Brady tried the whole potty thing 

And we skyped with Nana, Papa, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Ross, and Aunt Ann and Mike!

We have a week full of Easter egg hunts, playdates, and hopefully some fun time outside with nice weather! Have a great week everyone! 


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