Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bear With Me..GRR

Hello, it's Brady. I have a lot to update you on and I don't have a lot of time before Mommy and Daddy catch me on the computer. I'm supposed to be in bed but that's lame and who can sleep when they have a lot to tell their fans?? Here it goes...bear with me...I'm going to jump around a lot...ok?....grr.
My friend Luke moved away last week so I had to get one more hug in.  Not awkward at all.

Layla and her (on again)boyfriend Marcus hung out.  I guess they share a common interest in biting things? Infants, I don't get em.

I took Layla to the gym and she was an excellent wing woman.  "Hey ladies, check out my brother!"

"Thanks Layla! Err I'm going to do a flip on the parallel bars since I am of great strength."

"Oh my gosh, he's so amazing!!!" Thanks Layla. I still won't let you play with my trains though, nice try.

Oh and then don't ask.  Layla wanted to be like mommy so daddy let her stuff her shirt.

I know Layla, mommy complains about them too.

Then Mommy and I were coloring one day and we heard the garage door open.
It's Daddy!!! He had a special look in his eye though and I knew we were in for it.  He went back to the bedroom, changed, zipped up his jacket, and whispered: "Brady, get in the car. Zoo time."  Nooooo!
It started out innocent enough.  Layla put on a cute cheetah outfit, we walked around a little and then it happened.  Daddy pulled me aside and said, "Brady. Tigers. Now."

And my worst fear happened.  He unzipped his jacket "his tiger"growled at the real tiger, and then made me take his picture.  Luckily the tiger was asleep, no one was around, and daddy didn't get arrested.

I was able to pull him away and we looked at monkey butts for awhile.

Layla was really into that.
Layla freaked out over some eel.  Not that cool, Layla!

And then mommy suggested we go see the baby lions.  Oh no....those are in the same building as the tigers....oh crap!!!

I saw that look in Daddy's eye again and this time the tiger was awake.  "Daddy, don't do it, don't do it!!"

"Noooooo!!!"  I will spare you the details but we won't be making another zoo trip anytime soon.

The Easter egg hunts were pretty neat. Layla didn't get it. She thought grass was the surprise in the eggs

I told you not to eat it Layla!

I did a chubby cheeks photo shoot for Layla.

She was the perfect model.

I think they're close to swallowing her eyes.

Then we went on a windy bridge and Mommy was having a bad hair day.  Layla at least had the sense to put her hood up.

Daddy and Layla are super jealous of my egg hunting skills.  Stink eyes much? Geez!

Layla brought her spoon with to the last Easter egg hunt. Like a chubby girl.

And then she got mad because she didn't want the "purple eggs". Gah such a girl.

We were sitting there opening our eggs when Layla got a wandering eye...."What's that? I want to go see that."

Oh hell no! That is the creepiest bunny I have ever seen in my life. Get me out of here!!!!!!!

Before I left I gave my neighbor friend Preston a high five*. *Also known as trading out candy we don't like while our parents think we're high-fiving.

And then I climbed on a tire.
Are you still there? If you are congrats on following the Brady photo hunt. You win nothing.  Goodnight everybody!!


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