Thursday, March 21, 2013

Layla 10 Months!

On the 15th  Miss L turned 10 months old!  She's still a smiley happy little girl which makes life much easier!! She's sleeping ok these days. She gets up once a night to eat (usually at like 4 am) and then goes right back to bed. We've been slowly introducing her to whole milk in hopes that I can be done nursing by the time she's a year old.  Layla loves to be around her brother, practice standing, army crawl around, and get herself from crawling to a sitting position.  Life of a baby, it's rough!  Here are some 10 month pictures (excuse the fact that I dressed her in the same outfit as her 9 month pictures. Geez, so embarrassing mom!):
See, I'm 10 months

Why does she insist on these bows?

This here is my baby doll

I give baby kisses

And hugs

Tee hee hee here she is!

Love this funny little girl!

Layla enjoying standing

Layla at 10 months
Brady at 10 months


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