Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brady Tells It Like It IS

Hey good looking! What? Oh hi, sorry just got a little caught up looking at my picture.  I wish that I could update you and say I've been so busy doing so many cool things but frankly, I have not.  A stomach bug hit our home last week and Layla, Mommy, and I fell violently ill.  It was Layla's first time and ever since she's had this weird animal obsession.  I tried to tell her this "stomach bug" was just a phrase people say but she was convinced we needed to find and interview all animals to figure out the bug.

Oh and don't worry about Layla. She's eating again (not that she ever really stopped).  Luckily she had plenty of fat reserves to keep her from starving when she went 4 hours that one time (I know, right?) in between eating when she was sick. 

She made me act like a horsey which I thought was weird.  Nope, no bugs here.

She then found a snake. I told her to stay away from snakes that they're not the type of animals you want to hang around.

Did she listen? Umm no. Luckily her head was too big for the snake to swallow.

And then there's daddy who is part man (who can dress himself!), part tiger.  Sorry Layla, no bugs here.

Ehh Dad, really? You're going to drop me off at PDO like that?

O M G he is sooo embarrassing!

I told Layla that if she ate some dog food and acted like a dog that maybe she would get closer to uncovering this bug thing.

Yummy Layla, huh?!

Needless to say, she was unsuccessful but I can only hope this stomach bug (and obsession) thing leaves our house alone for  awhile!!

And PETA, don't even think about sending me hate mail.  Don't tell Dad or Layla but it's a fake.  And psych ward of Nebraska please stop calling. He's my daddy and he's fine. I think.

Who knew Daddy was part tiger/part man and a mime too?


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