Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt Galore!

This year we had 3 Easter egg hunts to attend and it was fun because Brady really had fun with it this year.  Layla enjoyed her first few egg hunts and just had fun playing with the eggs. Here are some pictures from our Easter egg hunts this week:
Brady all ready before our first egg hunt with my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group

And he's off!

Brady with his friend Brayden

Layla checking with her brother to see what she should do

Brady at the second egg hunt at Brian's squadron

Easy peasy!

Then at our third Easter egg hunt: the Papillion Easter egg hunt (the city we live in)

Layla decided she understood and was ready to take part

I kept wondering why my pictures were turning out so blurry....I think Mr. Brady the photographer has been putting his grimy fingers on my lens!  After that, much better!

This egg hunt was serious business.  Note the people guarding the eggs. And this was for the 0-2 range.

Layla was ready!

She got some, she got some!

There were so many eggs!


Brady's basket was pretty full
And then it was time for the Easter Bunny. Brady is still deathly afraid so there are no pictures of him within 100 feet of any Easter bunny.

Layla, however, was willing to try it.  "What the heck are you?" 

She wasn't sure. But she didn't cry at least!

Family picture at the Easter egg hunt.

Yay for eggs!! It's safe to say we're all egg hunted out. Till next year! :)


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