Friday, April 5, 2013

The Day I Became A Baseball Player


Hi. It's me again, Brady.  I recently had quite the day.  I would like to tell you about it.  So here it goes.
The other day Mommy and Daddy (does he ever work?!) took me to the Omaha Stormchaser's Family Fun Fest.  It was pretty neat if I say so myself. Daddy and I were watching the players run and I thought to myself, "Hey self, I could do that!"

I ran through this bouncy thing. I'm guessing the players use this to get in shape? Really I have no idea why it was there.

And then I pet a bunny. Again, not sure what a bunny has to do with baseball but I went with it.

And then this jerk goat.  "Yo kid, you're small. And your jacket is stupid."  He's lucky there was a fence separating us.

I thought this was a baseball thing????

OOOOHHH MMMMYYY GOODNESS!!!  There was  sign for tryouts for the team.  I knew if I could just wait long enough in the line that I would for sure make the team.

Yesss I've got this. 

Just taking a few practice swings.

It only works right if you stick your tongue out just right. Hey pink shirt, I see you checking me out.  Call me.

Knocking it out of the park. Not surprised.

And then this guy wanted me to "run the bases".  Not sure what the deal was but I went with it.

I'm gonna get you guy!

So basically I made the team. I can't wait to get my uniform and they said I get my own driver?

Seriously? She's my driver?  She can barely see over the wheel!

Yeesh. Women! 
'Til next time!


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