Thursday, August 30, 2012

Layla 3 Months!

So, like usual, I'm updating the blog on her half month birthday (pretty sure that's not a real thing). So even though she's 3.5 months today, here's her monthly update!  Layla is 3 months already! Makes me so, so sad!  Her life is just flying by already and it breaks my heart! Stop growing up so fast!! Her nicknames are Layla Bean, L Bean, and Missy Moo (all given to her by her mama!).  She is such a little doll and really only cries when she's hungry or if she has gas (which she has a lot of, sorry Layla!).  She wakes up happy and is just generally happy most of the day! She LOVES attention and as long as you're talking to her she's pretty content.  She is sleeping through the night 9-7 which has been a godsend, makes my life as a single mama right now SO much easier! Layla is so close to rolling over and although she hates tummy time still will be a rolling baby soon.  She talks and coos all the time and giggles like crazy when mommy tickles her! I got her 3 month pictures taken by a fellow military spouse and can't wait to get them back.  She was so smiley and happy in them! Here are some pictures I took the past day of Miss L Bean:
Loving her bumbo!

3 months old

Checking out her hands

What a doll! She was such a great little model!

Being silly more pictures!

Layla at 3 months

Brady at 3 months
It's crazy how much more feminine Layla looks! Brady looks like an old man, haha! 


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