Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sibling Love

The day that I found out I was pregnant with Layla I was terrified for what it would mean for Brady. He'd only known life as an only child, having all of mom and dad's attention. He would cry bloody murder every time I would hold another child so my initial reaction was to worry about what life would be like once Layla got here.  What actually happened was a complete 180 from my fears.  Brady has been nothing but a wonderful big brother to Layla.  He has been nothing but sweet and loving towards her which I never expected!  He's never acted out towards her or anything!  Most of the time he kind of ignores the fact that she's here but more and more he interacts with her and occasionally asks to hold her! I never knew how warm it would make my heart to see them together.  Layla just absolutely adores her older brother and her head is almost always turned to wherever he is!  Here are some pictures and a video of my kiddos with each other:
Sweet brother talking to his baby sister.  Layla is going crazy! :)
After bathtime for both kiddos, Brady decided we should read Layla a story

Really getting into it with Layla

See the pictures Layla?

Then he got down and talked to her which she LOVES!

So sweet!

She just adores her brother!

Love seeing my kiddos interact!

Another day Brady said, "Mama, hold Layla?" Which is code for Mom I want to hold her!  Then as soon as he was holding her he said, "Picture?". 

He was telling her all about Curious George

So sweet!

Brady down talking to her again. It's so cute to see him imitate how we interact with her! Such a good big brother!
Although isn't easy being a single mama right now to two little ones, seeing the act of love between the two warms my heart and makes each day a little easier to bear!  I just love those two more than anything!


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