Monday, August 20, 2012


Last Friday we said goodbye to Brian for two months and later that day Grandpa came and helped us drive up to Minnesota.  It was Layla's first time in Minnesota and her first long car ride.  Both kiddos really did great in the car and Brady couldn't have been more excited to see all of his grandparents and family!  Brady's sleep schedule got pretty off and he was kind of a crab but we had a great time in Minnesota!  The week really flew by and we're missing everyone a lot!  Here are some pictures from our trip to Minnesota:  *Warning, there are a lot of pictures!*
Eating dinner with Brian before he deployed.  Saying goodbye is no fun :(

Grandpa's here!

Brady and Layla checking out apps for the car ride. :)

Minnesota here we come!!

We were supposed to have Layla's baptism this weekend but since Brian's deployment got moved up we had to postpone it and just had a fun bbq instead!
Layla meeting her great grandma Ross for the first time

Meeting Great Grandpa Ross for the first time

So sweet!

Layla meeting the family and snuggling with Great Grandma Ross

Brady just hanging out with the boys

Brian skyping while we toasted to Danny and Dana

Layla with her godfather, Spike

Layla with her beautiful godmother, Catherine.  And photobombed by Uncle Danny. Oh, boy!

How Layla spent the majority of the bbq!

Layla and her nana

Layla with her godparents

No party is complete without a themed cheeseball!  Teddy bear for Layla! :)

Layla and Uncle Danny

Layla with the newly engaged couple!

We got to spend some quality time with Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa too which both kiddos loved!
Spaghettios in your diaper= fun night

Swinging after spaghettios

Layla and Grandpa

She loves Minnesota

Brady helping Nana water

They loved the swing! :)

Layla off-roading already.  They start young.

Racing Papa down the slide

I even went sliding too! :)

The kiddos with Nana and Papa and their growth chart on the wall.  Layla was sad she's so much shorter than her brother

Being silly with Papa

Layla meeting Sharday for the first time!

Meeting Alex for the first time!

And meeting Laura for the first time!

Her and Sharday had a deep conversation

Layla with Laura's boyfriend Matt. Looks like a natural! ;)

Brady hanging out with his godmother opening his big brother presents.

He still loves his girlfriends!

Grandma with all of her babies

Playdoh fun!!

Layla with her papa

Verdict is in: Minnesota is fun!


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