Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mahoney State Park

This past weekend it was going to be beautiful out so we trekked to Mahoney State Park. It's located between Omaha and Lincoln and has various things to do.  Here are some pictures from our day trip there:
We climbed up a observation tower and it overlooked the Platte River.

It was pretty high up...

and the views were not that great...

And I was absolutely terrified.  I'm not a huge fan of heights but normally they don't bug me too much.  I think it was the little holes in the floor of the tower and the stairs, taking our 2 kiddos up there, and the tower swaying in the wind.  Needless to say Brian got a nice video of me almost having a panic attack!  You get the picture instead! :)

Then we played at their giant playground.  This is Brady racing horses.

Layla and Daddy getting a quick snuggle session in

Brady and Daddy excited to go on a paddleboat ride!

Putting his life jacket on

Holding daddy's hand for his first paddleboat ride!

Off they go!

The weight distribution was a little off!

Layla having a blast watching her brother and dad

That was fun mom!

Then we went to their giant waterpark.  There was so much to do! Kiddy area, wave pool, giant slides, and then a regular pool

Brady jumping in the pool

Checking out the babes

Fun day with the family! :)


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