Monday, August 27, 2012

A Nana and Papa Weekend

This past weekend Nana and Papa came for a visit!  We had lots of fun!  Both Nana and Papa spoiled us so much.  Here are some pictures from our weekend!:
Layla hanging out with her Papa

Movie Night!

Layla was super excited!


Layla and Mack just hanging out!

Brady's movie face

Layla hanging out with her Nana

They sure love their Nana and Papa

So sweet!

Take #1 with the kiddos

Take #2! Haha! They were done with taking pictures!

Hanging out by Daddy's plane

Brady by Daddy's plane

Oooohh airplanes!

Just sitting on the tire of Daddy's plane, no big deal

Sitting under a C-17

Airshow fun!

Layla likes planes!

Layla and her Papa at the airshow

Just sitting on a C-17


We let Brady have the camera....and this is the picture we got!

It's not everday you get your diaper changed under a C-17

Walking the line

Umm sir we need a rescue!
Come see us again soon, Nana and Papa!! :)


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