Monday, September 10, 2012

A Grandma and Grandpa Weekend!

I'm a little behind, busy week and weekend!  Grandma and Grandpa came and visited us Labor Day Weekend and besides Brady having a cold and being crabby and it being ridiculously hot we had a good weekend! Here are pictures:
Layla and Brady patiently waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive

Grandma and Layla in pink!

So since it was ridiculously hot we decided we should go apple picking.  Not the best idea since we were all dripping at the end but Brady had fun! That's the important thing, right?

He loved that all of the apples were at his height.

Grandma and Brady picking apples

Layla held the map of apple trees for us

Brady and Grandma finding the perfect ones

Layla got one too!

After picking it was time for popcorn and a hay bale picture

Grandpa got the easy job that afternoon...put Layla to sleep

Brady seeing his brand new car for the first time that Grandpa so wonderfully put together!

Layla was not impressed.

However she was impressed by the steaks

Mmmm what are those?

Steaks I will eat 5 years when I have all of my teeth.

Checking to make sure Grandpa seasoned them just right

Grandpa's little girl

Brady had to mow the lawn just like Grandpa

He really thought he was helping! At the end he said whew, all done!

Layla and Grandma watching the boys mow

Time for a toddler project!

Layla thought Grandma had lost her mind!

Storytime with Grandma

Grandma reads the best stories!

Brady's turn to read

So sweet!

Grandma with a baby in each arm
The verdict is in...

Brady and Layla love it when Grandma and Grandpa visit! :)


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