Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap: Soccer, Snot, and everything in between!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Ours was PHAT (pretty hot and tiring).  We're stuck in a random heat wave (heat index is supposed to be 110 today, yay) so we've been taking advantage of the splash parks.  Which brings me to the beginning of our weekend...
Friday night was very warm so we took the kiddos to the Cimarron Park Splash Pad in La Vista

Brady was mostly interested in splashing us

Layla was mostly interested in climbing the stairs and trying to hurt herself

But they both had a fascination with this lily pad (?) thing

We also took a walk along the trails.  I just love how Layla asks to hold hands. It used to be a fight and a struggle when Brady was that age!

The next morning bright and early Brady had his very first soccer game.  Doesn't it look like he's greeting his fans?

In his soccer gear all ready to play!

Brayden and Brady! I think we may need to stop having them in things together because people are forever messing up their names!

Can't find Brady? Oh he's the only one with the soccer ball in his hands!

Having fun doing some drills

He loved the drills part of it

But the game part...not so much. He pretty much stared at the kids like "What the heck are you doing?" And "The people not sharing the ball!"  I get it bud, soccer is confusing!

A video of Brady's first time in the game.  He did chase after the ball but was pretty confused at first! In his defense he's the youngest on the team and we've pretty much only ever kicked a ball around with him. Maybe we should have set up some goals in the backyard and practiced a little! What can I say, we may be a baseball family?? ;)  

Layla wanted to play SOOO bad too!

After soccer Brady and I headed to the library for their Thomas party.

He got to do some Thomas bowling, have some Thomas snacks, make a Thomas carrying case...

and read Thomas books

Storytime.  Busted! I had no idea she saw me...!

Time for naps after that and then we headed to the Greek Festival.

What's more Greek than a pony ride?

Brady's first pony ride and he had SO much fun!

Our group at the Greek Festival. We were all sweating bullets in the 100 degree heat but the food was worth it! :)

Layla loved the food! Proof she is an eating machine. I'm pretty sure this was spanakopita.  Chowed it down.

Here's Brady eating a Greek hot dog.  Aka an Oscar Meyer hot dog. 

My first gyro ever (I'm so not cultured!)....delish!!

Brady and Judah of course had to show all the ladies their dance moves.

They got the attention of one lady at least. Opa!

The next morning Jessica and I met bright and early to train for our 10k (3 weeks and counting...eee!). The humidity was 90% and we were sweaty messes (no pictures, I'm sorry) but we ran 6.35 miles!!  I came home completely exhausted and Brian had graciously gotten the kids ready for the day. 

 And this is why I normally lay out clothes for the kids if he's dressing them. His response was.."What?? It's all pink?"  

I give her props though. She rocked it the best she could.

Layla all weekend was a little snotty and seemed to be battling a cold. And Sunday after naps it got the best of her.  Poor girl just isn't feeling too hot today.  I'm worried it'll turn into yet another ear infection which just may put her in the realm of ear tubes land.  :(

So that was our weekend!  This week we're going to try and stay cool (and healthy)! My big boy starts preschool tomorrow (sniff, sniff) and (YAY, YAY!).  Have a good week everyone! :)


Jamie said...

What a great splash park!

Mrs. K said...

Cute kids! That splash park looks like fun. My toddler would go nuts.

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