Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend Recap and Truthful Tuesday all rolled into 1!

Sorry for the lack of posts...I've been crazy busy trying to get organized for this trip!

We had a pretty low key weekend which was exactly what we needed before this long road trip ahead of us!  Our good friend from high school, Mike (he was also in our wedding), visited us and the kids had so much fun with him!  The guys went out Friday night though and had a little too much fun, someone may have twisted their ankle (Mike), so they spent a lot of the weekend on the couch recovering relaxing.  He did get to try his first Runza though so that was pretty special! ;)
The typical guest initiation: playing cars on the ramp

Yay for pictures!

Brady made sure I got to be in a picture too, thanks B!

In other news, Brady had a nice poop on the potty (not in his underwear!) so he got to go out for ice cream with mommy.  We're working on it...slowly but surely we will be pooping only in the potty.  That's what I keep telling myself.  He's going pee in the potty pretty much 100% at least!

It was a beautiful weekend so Brady took Layla for a wagon ride

And I had a fun 3 mile run around Walnut Creek.  

Brady also got a random stomach bug Sunday. He had a fever and vomiting that luckily only lasted 24 hours. So let's just hope that was a weird fluke thing that doesn't follow us on our trip. 

And now for Truthful Tuesday:

I am kind of dreading/super excited for this trip!  We're leaving this afternoon (hopefully before naptime, we'll see when Brian can sneak out of work) and are headed to Springfield, MO for the night.  The next day we're off to Memphis to pick up my mother in law (who is a saint for flying in to help us!) and continuing on to Columbus, MS.  We'll be there for several nights celebrating the marriage of two friends and then driving up to Memphis to bring Nana to the airport. We're going to take a slightly different route home through St. Louis to do some sightseeing and hopefully do some relaxing?? Ha!

 I'm dreading it because my kids aren't super flexible, especially when it comes to sleeping in different places.  The first night is always the worst so hopefully we'll get that out of the way tonight!  And let's be honest, a trip with little kids is never really a "vacation", it's usually a ton of work with different scenery.  I'm also kind of dreading being in the south in August.  It's been 3.5 years since I've lived there but I remember too well how hot summers there are.  We're also bringing the (diabetic) dog with too.  At least he can't cry.


 I'm super excited to see where we used to live, to show the kids the pilot training base and to see friends we haven't seen in years!  And I'm so excited for the wedding and to see Brian all dressed up as a groomsman in the wedding.  It's a kid free wedding so we'll also get a couple date nights in there too (thanks, Nana!).  

So wish us luck...it's a 13 hour drive total. The longest we've driven with the both of them is 6 hours...to Minnesota..so yeah...wish us luck.  I may or may not be updating the blog while we're gone so if you don't see much from me the next week, that's why!  Hope everyone has a lovely week! :)

Yeah...these are all snacks.  Because when they're eating they're not crying or whining...right?? ;)


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Great job with the potty training! We are going to get on it with Bennett soon, such a process! Good luck on your trip, I hope the kids do well.

Jenn said...

Good luck with the trip!!! Don't forget to pack a white noise machine... if your kids are into that sort of thing. I (thankfully) remembered to pack ours in our carry-on luggage here and when we all had to share a room in hotels, we put the kids in pack n plays, turned on the sound machine, and went to the bathroom. By the time we had taken turns showering, the kids were out and they never heard us sneak into bed. Sam has some sort of super-sonic hearing and can hear a sheet ruffle or a deep inhale, so I was thankful to have it.

Other than that, I have no real suggestions other than to take some booze for the road and don't forget some for Nana either! God bless that woman, she's a saint! Hope you have soooo much fun!!! :)

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