Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh, Layla!

Oh, Layla. How is it you're 15 months old already?  It literally seems like just yesterday that I had you but then again that time is such a blur in my mind now.  You've grown so much in the last couple of months and you're such a sweet little girl.  I remember 15 months being one of my favorite ages with your brother and it's definitely true again.  Now that we're done nursing, you're my little snuggle buddy and I love the way you pat my back when I hold you close and just snuggle into me when we read or watch tv together.

You're still such a little eater and it amazes me the appetite you have (where do you put it all?!).  Luckily you like ice cream so you can still hang out with Brady and I.

Your little personality is shining through and you're a funny little person just like your brother.  You love to make goofy faces and do things to make all of us laugh.

Sometimes you have quite the attitude but I don't blame you, you've been teething like crazy. You have 12 teeth already and I'm pretty sure you're working on your canines already too. But feel free to stop the whole tantrum thing. Oh, and the screaming too. It's not too fun having people check if I'm murdering you when I buckle you into your carseat. And if you wouldn't mind, just skip the whole terrible two's/trying three's stages too.  They're overrated.

You sleep SO much better now.  Thank goodness. At 12 months I was still nursing you in the middle of the night and I'd had about enough of not getting enough sleep. All we had to do was those crazy 3 nights of crying it out and you've been sleeping like a champ ever since. And you're a pretty awesome napper too. 

You and your brother have the funniest little relationship.  You absolutely adore each other I would say 70% of the time and then fight like cats and dogs 30% of the time.  You have your special Brady/Layla time that you guys started before naptime. Brady calls it "Layla, 1 more minute." You go into your brother's room, he shuts the door, and I hear you two reading books, playing together, and giggling and then I put you both down for your naps. Melts my heart. You also love dancing together. But touch each other's snacks or drinks and World War 3 breaks out. Always love each other, please.

You still won't let me put headbands or bows in your hair and that makes me sad.  I started you young wearing those but you want nothing to do with them. I guess the closest I can get is the occasional little ponytail. Feel free to grow some more hair, too! ;)

You certainly have your own little language but your vocabulary just kind of exploded in the last couple weeks. Yesterday you said cracker, please and it kind of blew me away. And you knew the names of several animals and the sounds they make. Whaa???

Oh, Layla I love you.  I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. You absolutely complete our family and I can't wait to watch you blossom into a lovely little lady!


Janelle Vannice said...

She is SO cute! :)

Shannon said...

She is ridiculously cute. I'm envious of her appetite. That's for sure! :)

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