Monday, August 19, 2013

Just Eat Your Veggies!!

My kids are just not huge fans of vegetables.  Brady will eat some of them (carrots and corn) but usually not any that are green. Layla, from day 1 of starting solid foods has resisted vegetables so getting any in her diet has been a struggle. I was a reading a blog post a couple of months ago and the blogger mentioned that the way they snuck veggies in their child diet was through the little squeeze pouches. Genius!  
At my local Target there was quite a few to pick from but what stuck out to me was the brand Happy Family. We bought several different kinds of pouches and my kids really loved them! So when I was contacted by a Happy Family representative to write a review on their products I didn't hesitate for a second!  We picked the Happy Toddler Package since Layla is 1 and Brady is 3 and are both eating a toddler diet.  In that package we received 2 of the Happy Family Pouches, Happy Munchies, a Toddler Meal Bowl, and Happy Yogis.

Since we have bought the pouches before, I decided to get a little brave with my flavor choices. Layla tried the sweet potato, apple, carrot, and cinnamon pouch in the car and happily sucked it all down!  I also bought her the spinach, mango, and pear pouch...wasn't as much of a fan. It was like she knew there was a vegetable in it because it was green! I tasted it, and I thought the flavor was pretty dang good though, not sure how she knew! :)

Brady tried the banana, peach, and mango pouch and LOVED it!  He was asking for more after he was done.  Brady tried a little of the spinach, pear, and mango one and he crunched up his face at first but then continued eating it until it was all gone. We will definitely have a constant stock of these in our pantry!

We tried the Happy Yogis in the strawberry flavor and I'm pretty sure that bag was gone instantly (so quick I didn't even get a picture of it!). My children love yogurt drops and I would rather they snack on things like that rather than cookies, candy, chips, etc.

For the Happy Munchies we tried the organic broccoli, kale, and cheddar cheese flavor.  Layla is a huge fan of puffs so I wanted to see her reaction...especially since they're partly green!  Taking her first bite...

Hmm what is this?

It's delicious!  The munchies will also be something we buy more of in the future!  One of the best parts (other than the fact that it's healthy and she'll eat it!) is that it's made with organic cheese and whole grains.  Their foods are always organic and there's never any artificial colors or flavoring.  

We also tried the Toddler Meal Bowl.  We picked the organic vegetable ravioli.  I didn't get a picture of this (Brian served them this when I was out one evening with friends) but Brian said they both tried a couple of bites of it and were done.  My kids are huge snackers (dinner is the hardest meal to get them to eat at) so I'm not sure if they didn't like the flavor or if they just weren't interested in eating.  I will  be trying this flavor and the others (maybe at lunchtime!) because a quick, easy, go to healthy meal would be awesome, especially for this upcoming deployment.  

Speaking of deployments, Happy Family is also an extremely military friendly brand.  Check out this post on their website about deployment tips and the military child and this post about moving.  A company that cares about their military is rare and just amazing to see!

We were really happy with our experience trying more of the Happy Family brand and we look to trying all that they offer in the future. And now for the good of my lucky readers that enters my giveaway will get a chance to win a Happy Family package!  The package includes 2 free trial coupons each, Happy Family recipes, and Happy Family re-useable tote!  

*I was given these products to review but all of the opinions are my own.


Jenn said...

Ha! Usually squeezies here too! I'm so glad the Happy People got you to do a review. They only sell Gerber squeezies at the commi here (booooooooooo) so I just haven't been buying any lately. Which means no one has been eating veggies lately... booooo.....

The Chick Nest said...

I would love to try something new to get our kids to eat more veggies!!! :) I haven't bought many pouches with veggies (mostly the ones with applesauce), so we'll have to give them a go!

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