Thursday, August 29, 2013

Heat Wave!

The hot days just keep on coming. We've had an amazing summer weather- wise though, so I guess I can't complain. It's just gross to run in and my kids are sweaty messes after playing outside for about 10 minutes.  In other news, we survived day 2 of preschool! No tears from anyone and only lots of excitement all around.  YAY!!  I'm late in posting this but last Tuesday was just crazy nutso busy.  We had his first day of preschool, a squadron picnic, naps, and then had friends over for dinner. Here are a couple more pictures from that day:
Brady in the bounce house with his friend Judah

The dunk tank at the bbq...hilarious!

That night we had our friends over for dinner. Brian was flying that night and their daddy was out of town on business so we celebrated the boys first day of preschool with a little pool party!  And ice cream and cupcakes too, of course!

It's safe to safe the cupcakes and ice cream were a hit!

Brayden and Brady with their water balloons

It was all of their first time with water balloons and they all thought it was pretty much the best thing ever.

Having fun with water balloons to beat the heat!

We also did some Playdoh and Layla had a couple tastes too. That girl, I tell you, will eat ANYTHING!
MMM, ice cream!

Thankful for good friends to celebrate with! :)  We're looking forward to a nice long 4 day weekend. Hopefully some cooler weather will be on the way!!


Shannon said...

Awwww - that looks like a super fun pool party. Particularly the sweets! :)

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