Saturday, August 17, 2013

So Busy!

We literally have been going nonstop since we got home.  It's been fun but whew I am feeling the effects of it!  The rest of August and most of September are pretty jam packed with activities, meetings, wedding stuff, school starting, deployment readiness, and much more!  Here's what we've been up to since we got back from MS:
We had a Groupon for Papio Fun Park that was about to expire so we took Brady there for a fun afternoon of driving cars.

He loved it!

Layla, not so much. Pretty sure she whined and cried the whole time.  She doesn't get that she's only 1.

Brady also tried his first round of mini golf. As you can tell, his form is excellent.

"All I got was this stupid icee."  Layla, not impressed.

We had fun painting with friends.

She didn't get the whole "painting isn't food" thing though.

She took naps with a friend on their ottoman. 

We spent lots of time outside going to our favorite parks. Brady insisted on pushing her all the way home.  It's at least a 1 mile hilly walk but "NO! I DO IT!" So we were gone a good 3 hours that day.

We went and had lunch with Daddy which is pretty much the best thing ever.

She sure loves her daddy!

Brian hit 3 homeruns in his squadron softball game.  Of course I have no pictures of that, that'd be silly!

I had some evenings out with friends but, again, no pictures of that!

And I did bucketloads and bucketloads of laundry!

Off to get some housework done and enjoy our beautiful weather! :)


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