Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Weekend

 We had another full jam-packed weekend but it was actually a great one! The kids behaved for the most part and the all around whining was at a minimum!  Let me take you through our weekend:
Friday night Brian took Brady on a boys night out to go see the movie Planes. It was his first real movie in a theater and he was pretty pumped.

This picture just cracks me up! I guess he was pretty impressed! Either that or he'd had so much popcorn it made his eyes bulge.  

While the boys were at the movie, Layla and I joined my friends Alma and Taylor and their kiddos for a fun night at the local outdoor mall for some tunes, talking, and ice cream!

The next morning we joined our friends at Fontenelle Forest. We have a family membership there and it was an absolutely beautiful morning for a hike!

The boys were our tour guides..they were hilarious!

Making our way through the trail

Addelyn stopped to check out a fuzzy caterpillar. I don't blame her, it was pretty cool!

Brady asked if he could hold Addelyn's hand. They start young! :)

Having fun checking out the train tracks.  Layla would have joined them but she was busy eating a banana. Priorities.

Brady and Brayden playing in a cute little house!

Family picture!

A little better! :)

After naps we tackled a huge project..

the huge bush that basically has been tearing our deck down. 

The kids and I went next door to play while the guys tore it down. Brady helped a little though

And Layla helped a lot digging with the baseball bat. Thanks, Layla!

After that we went out for some pizza and then to a fun park.  You know that you take too many pictures of your kids when they walk up to a wooden post, pose, and say "CHEESE!!"

The next morning the kids and I went to the Aksarben Farmer's Market. It was soo busy! We got some yummy sweet corn, a peach pie, and some salsa for daddy.

They were doing Zumba in the park and or course my kids had to dance along.  They were cracking me (and other people watching) up!

While we were gone Brian was working on cleaning the deck, replacing old boards, and getting ready to stain it.

This guy helped him out.

And when we got back this guy helped too.

During naptime I went to a key spouse meeting for the squadron to plan the upcoming year. I came back and took the kiddos so Brian could work more on the deck, I ran some errands, made dinner, ran 4 miles, and tried to get everything ready for the week. Another busy, busy weekend but a great weekend as a family! :)


Kate @ Daffodils said...

that picture of him at the movies is hilarious! Did he like it? We were thinking about taking the boys in a few weeks.

Jenn said...

Oh, you know, I just ran 4 miles, tackled a million chores, had fun, took pictures, and DID ALL THE THINGS. Seriously woman! You must sleep sooooo good at night! Y'all stay busy and it looks like so much fun. :)

The Chick Nest said...

We'll have to head back to the forest again soon! :) Great times!

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