Thursday, May 2, 2013

When Spring Was Here...

We woke up this morning and there was a good inch of snow on the ground. IN MAY!! Bonkers. Anywho several days before that we had the most beautiful weather. So beautiful that it fooled me into thinking spring was actually here!  We had to turn our air on (it got to 86 degrees in the house) and then the following day I got to turn the heat on (was 65 degrees in the house)! UGH!! So I will reminisce instead of looking outside at the snow and the howling wind (30 degree wind chill right now, grrrr!).  
Our beautiful tree in the front yard has finally bloomed! And the green grass is glorious!

On Sunday we went to Stinson Park where the YMCA had a healthy kids day. Both kiddos got a backpack, t-shirt, water bottle, and healthy snacks for FREE!

Brady on alert for any characters.  Sorry for the blurry pictures. Someone ahem, Brady.. smudged the lens. I thought it was just humid out!

Since we were one of the first 200 people there we also got a free Bell helmet. Here's Brady getting his fitted.

On Monday we had a fun picnic with our friends the Hayes's.

Playing at the park

Monday night we went on a "park hop".  We had Subway, went to 4 different parks, and then finished it off with ice cream. And good nights of sleep for all! :)

It was even nice enough out that we could bring the water table out. Layla LOVED it! She's my water girl, that's for sure!

The kiddos playing together.

Yep she's standing on her own. Scary.  I'm not ready for her to walk yet!!

Brian and Layla with their CHEESE! faces

Layla got a little sick of me trying to take pictures of her

But she's so darn cute!

Layla in her fancy Nike running outfit.

So sweet! 

Luckily the weather is supposed to get nice again next week, just in time for Miss Layla's 1st Birthday Party!! (Which is at a park. Outside. Which I thought would be safe since it's May!)


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