Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Week

I cannot believe that it's already Thursday! Yikes! This week has flown by! Just thought I'd do a short little update on our week so far. Well, spring finally came back to us in Omaha so that's been wonderful!!  We had so many days of rain and cloudiness which, don't get me wrong has been great for our grass, but not for our moods!  So now that the sun has been shining we have been out and about as much as possible! Here's a little recap of our week:
Layla discovered how fun it is walking behind a push toy.  This was her first time and she basically took off running! And was pretty thrilled about it.

Here's a video of her walking behind that toy

I created a sticker chart and we actually have had some success with it!

Brady did his first poopy in the potty (I'll spare you the picture. My parents were not so lucky!).  For his first #2 in the potty we had a special toy saved for him.  He was pretty dang thrilled. And has not gone on the potty since. Shaking my head.

Brady was getting over his cold and then Layla started to get a runny nose and just wasn't acting normal. See blank stare in this picture.

She was also super snuggly.  And baby girl does not snuggle. We knew something was up. On Saturday morning we made a trip to the doctor and low and behold she had her second ear infection.

A couple days later Brady woke up screaming during the middle of the night. He told me his ear hurt. I didn't know if he had just heard us talking about Layla's ear or if he really meant it. But after many a screams and a fever we brought him in to urgent care on Tuesday night. Lucky us, Brady also had an ear infection.

Me dolling out the "pink goo" medicine.  Yes, my life is as glamorous as it looks!

Finally though, both kiddos started acting normally again so we were able to get out and about.  We made our weekly trip to the libary.

And the park with friends. 

All smiles again

They seriously had a blast crawling together at this park, so cute!

I've been busy at work getting ready for Layla's garden themed 1st Birthday party this Saturday. The weather is looking nice and sunny so I'm pretty excited! Look for a future blog post coming up of all of the party details.

We also took Brady's 3 year old pictures and Layla's 1 year old pictures outside at a park. This is a picture I took of Layla doing her cake smash. She wasn't too sure!

And to close out this post the kiddos doing some weird game of theirs that made them giggle and giggle! Have a great weekend! :)


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