Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day and Weekend Recap

I can't believe how quickly last weekend flew by! Grandma and Grandpa got in late Friday night and early Saturday morning everyone was up helping me get things ready for Layla's party.  Layla's party was from 11:30-1:30 and after cleaning up we all were ready for a nap.  After that we all went out for dinner, hung out, and made it an early night!  Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day and were sad to say goodbye to Gramma and Grandpa. Here are some pictures from our weekend:
Layla having some fun with Grandpa

She thinks he's pretty funny


Layla opened up her presents from Gramma and Grampa. She got tons of cute clothes and a real baby doll.

She was quite taken aback! It sucks a pacifier, cries, and opens and closes its eyes. It was pretty cute to watch her play with it!

We went to Ragazzi's for dinner. It's a yummy pizza place. Again, Layla and Grandpa making silly faces at each other.

Gramma and Brady enjoying a nice salad together. They're also BFFs

Group shot at dinner

Little miss and I

Brady took a picture of Gramma and I. Pretty good except for the finger covering part of the lens!

The next morning Brian took me out for some Mother's Day coffee. I needed it. I was beyond exhausted from the party the day before!

We also took some family pictures. Grandma and Grandpa with Brady and Layla with Grandma's Mother's Day flowers

My favorite picture...silly pose!

The ladies...including Casey

Trying to get Layla to smile and stop fussing. She wanted to run around.

The guys....including Rascal. And Casey again. 

Brian and I

Photo bombed by Layla and Grandma

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Being silly again

After they left we took the kiddos to a kite festival the city of Papillion had been advertising. Note to self: do not take tired children to a kite festival without their own kite to fly. Big time fail. It wasn't super windy that day (go figure, Mother Nature must have used all of her wind at the party) so I guess half the vendors didn't show up. It was a handful of people that brought their own kites to fly and that was about it.  Not too fun.

For Mother's Day Brian and the kiddos got me some wonderful cards, flowers, a sweet book to put memories in, and a gift card to go buy myself some cute spring clothes.  You better believe that I used that gift card right away! I went and had a wonderful relaxing, self-paced, childless shopping trip and it was glorious!!

After naps we picked up Runza (my favorite Nebraska fast food, they have the best chicken salad!) and we went for a walk. It was a beautiful spring evening!

We hit up the kiddos favorite park too. They have so much fun crawling through the tunnel together. It's so cute!! Note the pure concentration, tongue out from Miss L!

I think I got some sort of food poisoning though cuz I spent the rest of the evening in bed with a bad tummy ache. Besides the last part it was a wonderful Mother's Day with some of my favorite people! :)  

I'm off to go spend the day with my little ones, the last day of Layla 1st year!  It's supposed to be 93 today so we're off to the park with some friends! Have a good Tuesday everyone!


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