Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Nothing like blogging about the previous weekend on a Wednesday, huh? No excuse, no excuse!  Last weekend was just one of those really good weekends. We had fun stuff on the docket, the weather was nice, and kiddos were really well behaved and happy!  
Friday night we went to the Omaha Stormchaser's game. We sat in the berm (grassy area) and the kiddos both really enjoyed their first baseball game.  

Walking to the Berm

It was such a perfect evening weather wise

Both kids couldn't figure out where the big voice was coming from (the speakers)

They have lots of fun activities to do there so naturally Brian had a good time.  

Being silly later in the night. Both kiddos rallied until 9:45. We really wanted to stay until fireworks after the game but they were only into the 7th inning at 9:45 so we decided it was time to pack up and head home before any meltdowns occurred. 

Saturday morning we headed to Village Pointe which is a nice outdoor shopping mall that's a little far from our house but it's nice!  They're the only mall with an Apple store so we went there to get our Ipad fixed that broke back in February.  They also had a fun family fest going on. Brady here just petting a dinosaur.

And playing with some Legos

And pushing a giant marble water ball thingy

He also did some arts and crafts. GLUE!

Then they had a juggler guy that was trying to be really funny.

Layla didn't get his jokes and was not impressed

Is he trying to be funny?

Layla wearing her cute little romper!

They also had a Farmer's Market so we checked that out before heading home for naps.  That evening we went to the race packet pickup and pasta feed, then played at the park.

 And Sunday morning was of course the race!

The rest of the weekend was spent eating Dunkin Donuts (which I waited 30 MINUTES! in line for but was oh so worth it after that run!), watching movies, napping, taking it easy, and enjoying a good thunderstorm.    

We're headed to Minnesota this Memorial Day weekend and I can only hope that the kiddos are as well behaved as they were last weekend!  Brady had a weird stomach bug on Monday and I'm just praying the rest of us stay healthy for our trip!  Knowing our luck with trips to Minnesota I'm going to pack lots of outfits, lots of wipes, and possibly bubble suits so we get no one else sick! :)  We're looking forward to seeing lots of family and friends and celebrating Brady and Layla's birthdays with everyone there!


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