Monday, May 13, 2013

Layla's 1st Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated Little Miss Layla's 1st birthday! I can't believe it's already time for her to be 1! I have a baby for 1 more day so I'm not going to get sad yet! :(  Here are some (ok, a lot of) pictures of her party!
The front of the invitation. The theme I chose was a garden theme. I thought it was a cute, original theme for a sweet little May baby!

This was the back of her card. Such a silly face! :)

I thought it would be fun to have her birthday at a park shelter where kiddos could run around and just assumed that the weather would be great in the middle of May. You know what they say about assuming...  It was a nice sunny day but it was only in the 60s and the wind...oh man that wind.  There were 30 mph gusts. I had so many cute decorations that I couldn't use because it was just so dang windy.  Setting up for the party was beyond frustrating. Trying to put on tablecloths was a good 20 minute ordeal in which we just gave up because they wouldn't stay on. And most of us froze during the party.  Note to self: no outdoor parties for either child next year!!!

A cute sign Brian made for her party. The color scheme I used was hot pink, neon orange, and bright green. It was fun and springy!

Here's the table set-up.

Here's a close-up. I decorated with flowers. Some of them had pictures of Layla from her 1st year and some were just plain flowers my friend Erin made for me.

Not the best picture or lighting for that matter. But this was Layla at each month above the dessert table.

Not the easiest thing to decorate a park shelter (especially in the wind) but I put up some 1st birthday decor

And a Happy Birthday sign

Some of the pom pom decor before they blew away!

The table centerpieces were these cute little buckets I found at Michael's with the number 1 on them with different kinds of flowers.

Here's another one

The flower shaped veggie tray I made

Dirt pudding with some worms

Flower fruit platter

Garden utensil holder complete with fake grass

Ants on a log

The whole spread. We also had sandwiches, potato salad, chips, garlic pretzels, applesauce, broccoli salad, and a pasta salad.

Layla's cake to match her invites

The little smash cake

Cookie cake from Eileen's cookies

Carrot shaped Reese's pieces

Some candy treats

The cake table 

Here's the activity table

Here kiddos could plant their own flower or veggie. There was also a lollipop plant where if they were a winner they could pick a prize.

The party favors were watering cans and bubbles

There was also a cookie decorating station where you could decorate either a flower or butterfly cookie.

Layla looking on at her party

Brady had some fun at the park before the guests came

Layla chowing down at her party

Having fun with friends!

More party!

Best family photo ever...yikes!  Layla was not too sure about everyone singing to her (check out the video at the end!)  Brady had just dug into the dirt pudding too. And I must have been having so much fun that I couldn't open my eyes. Brian looked good at least!

Not much better, haha!

Yay they stopped singing at me!

Not really interested in the cake which was a huge surprise!

Much better to dip my milk in it and then drink it

Cute birthday girl with her daddy

I'm one!

Opening gifts..ooh a purse!

She finally got the hang of it

Having fun with grandma watching the kids play

Her pretty party dress that she had to cover up...stupid weather!

Happy Birthday sweet little girl! She had fun! 

Singing Happy Birthday!  I feel so bad that I was laughing but you could tell she was just looking around and then all of a sudden realized everyone was looking at her. She tried to duck down and then just burst into tears! Maybe she won't like being the center of attention like her brother does??


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