Monday, April 29, 2013

Hi. It's me, Brady. Remember me?

Hi. I'm back. I've been real sick like lately so I apologize for not blogging lately. Stupid kids and their illnesses getting me all sick and stuff. Well a lot has happened that I need to fill you in on.  So stick with me as I update you. K? Ok.

Thank you for your kind words on my birthday as well. I may seem all hard and stuff but on the inside I am a sensitive guy and I appreciate your birthday well wishes. Dad, get the hell out of my shot!!

I've been training Layla.

I can get her to do pretty much anything as long as food is involved.

Good Layla, good job girl!

I know I've said it before but this girl loves to eat.

And now she loves to take baths too. Lookin good girl! Keep eating that spaghetti!

(She's not amused).

Gramma came too and that was fun! She tried picking up random guys at the museum.

And Layla stared at a buffalo for awhile.

I wish I had a good story about this picture. But it's what it looks like. A Brady and a Gramma coming out of a tent.

Good thing that wasn't a real horse she was on. I don't think it could've carried all that weight! Ok Layla I'm sorry you're not even that chubby. You're just so easy to make fun of.

Layla also pet a goat.

And then did a cheer about it after.

"Give me a G-O-O-T. What does that spell? Goat! Goat Goat!"  I never said she was smart.

And then a couple days before my birthday Daddy cut my hair. Looks so good, doesn't it! I didn't understand why Mommy and Gramma laughed so hard that they cried and then why I had to go get my hair cut again. Good job Daddy!

Speaking of my was bomb.

Sir Topham Hat even came and we picked up lots of chicks.

Most of my party Layla ate. And then hung out at the tub.

No Layla you're super cool.

On my actual birthday Daddy pulled me aside and gave me a bag and called it "our secret present".  I wasn't sure what that was all about but then I pulled this out. Coool Dad, a tiger shirt just like you have. Neato.

Now that it's getting nicer out Layla and I can play doggy and baby. She pretends to feed me fingers and locks me outside for hours.

It's super fun!

Oooh looking pretty Layla!

As many of you have seen I did get a new car. It was a blast until my parents made me start bringing Layla around everywhere.

This is a "picking up chicks" truck not a "driving your sister around" truck Mom and Dad, geez!
Well I need to go rest. This blogging business is hard work when you're sick. 'Til next time folks!


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