Friday, May 17, 2013

Layla's Birthday

I plan on doing a sentimental post about Layla turning 1 but today is just not that day.  Let's just say we had an interesting doctor's appointment this morning for Layla's 12 month well check.  She's perfectly healthy but our visit included lots of screaming, ear checks for both kiddos, finger pricks, vomit, did I mention lots of screaming?  We didn't even do shots!  That visit deserves a post in itself!  But, anywho Wednesday was Layla's actual first birthday and it was a beautiful day for a beautiful little lady. Here are some pictures from her 1st birthday:

Layla woke up nice and early on her birthday and boy was she ready to celebrate!  She was bouncing so much I couldn't get a good picture!

They built a Dunkin Donuts literally blocks away from our house (not good for my waistline!) and it happened to open the day of Layla's birthday. So we packed up both kiddos in the stroller and walked over there.  

After donuts both kiddos drove in their cars

Layla went down for nap then and when she woke up she had her very own balloon!


Daddy didn't have to go into work until 3 on Wednesday so we took full advantage of his time and went for a trip to Lauritzen Gardens.

Layla was super excited about going to a flower garden for her birthday, can't you tell?!

They also had a Lego display going on that was pretty neat!

A butterfly made out of legos.

Brady checking out a bunny and fox clinging tightly to our lunch!

It was pretty impressive, I have to admit!

But both kiddos just wanted to play with Legos...

Which they had tons of to play with

Brady had so much fun with these large blocks

And Layla had lots of fun dumping buckets of Legos over and watching us clean it up


Here was a lawn mower made out of Legos

So cool!

And a gardener. We really could have used this at her party! ;)

After the Lego fun we had a quick picnic

It was such a beautiful day!

Layla and her pretty birthday shirt and skirt

Having fun with Daddy

Brady walking through the gardens

We also made another trip to Kenefick Park (up the hill from the gardens) where the big trains are.

Layla thought it was pretty neat as well

After the gardens the kiddos took a nap. When they woke up we played outside and had dinner outdoors on the deck.  We tried again with the cake...and again it was a no go. 

We tried fruit pizza...and she spit it out.  I'm not so sure she's my daughter?!  

Then it was time for some presents! Mommy, Daddy, Brady, and Rascal got her some pjs, a cute new swimsuit, some new bows...

 a cool princess ride on....

and a pink girly mower. She looks thrilled!

She also got a fruit basket from Nana and Papa.  Both kids LOVED it!

After presents the kiddos played outside

They are starting to play together more and more now, so sweet!  Best part of the day was Brady (unprompted) saying to Layla, "Layla, I love you sweet girl. Happy Birthday!!"

And what birthday isn't complete without a good birthday cry?  :)


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