Monday, April 15, 2013

Grandma's Here!

Just like the title says, Grandma is here in Omaha visiting!! And it's been great!!  Here are some pictures from our first couple of days with Grandma:
Brady painted this sign to welcome gramma. He was pretty proud!

"Yay Grandma, come in! Come see our new carpet!" (That we got in December.)

Gramma and Layla hanging out

The first day (Saturday) we went to the Durham Museum (the old Union Pacific train station) for this Science Fest thing. 

But we spent most of the time with the trains (duh!).

Brady and Gramma playing with the tracks

Sitting next to a train, what else?

Good thing Layla and Gramma like trains too

Then we had some lunch at PepperJax Grill where we had some nummy Phillies.
Brian and I got to have some adult time with some adult beverages. And it was glorious.

The next day we went to the zoo. Gramma and Brady spent about 10 minutes in this position watching the monkeys.

The main thing we went to the zoo for though was to ride the train.  It was finally open for the season so we were pretty pumped!

Getting ready for our ride!

Layla was getting impatient

Riding the train around the zoo

Brady was all business the whole ride and Layla was all judgement.

Family picture time! Christmas card 2013? Ha!

Brady and Gramma

Today we did some birthday party shopping, some playing, and we watched capsules turn into sponge animals.

Be jealous of our fun.  "It's changing, it's changing!!"

Mainly today though we had crabby day.  Layla is teething and has been screaming most of the day. In fact, she's screaming from her bed right now!  Otherwise we've had lots of fun!  Looking forward to more days of fun!


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