Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun with Family

Hands down the best part of the past weekend was the fact that we had so much family here. We seriously had so much fun and it made me wish even more that we all lived in the same state.  We were blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) and then Nana, Papa (Brian's parents) and Aunt Cat here. We were missing Uncle Danny and Dana but they both had to work.  Here are some fun pictures from our weekend:
Layla looking out the window watching Brady and Daddy wait for Grandpa, Nana, Papa, and Aunt Cat to come.

Layla playing with Nana's phone
Brady's birthday present from us and Gramma and Grampa was a Powerwheels Jeep. Ever since I had him I said that for his 3rd bday I would get him a powerwheel. Brian thought I was crazy but we found a good deal!

Checking out his new car. (Video of him seeing it at the end of this post).

Not exactly sure what to do with it but it looked cool!

Brady playing with Aunt Cat

Layla walking with Grandpa's help

Layla hanging out with Grandpa

Layla hanging out with Papa

Playing in the bounce house with Nana

Layla loved bouncing too!

So much fun!

The whole family joined in as well

Pretty sure Gramma got shaken gramma syndrome!

About 5 seconds after this picture I fell and rolled off the bounce house. We got a good picture at least, haha!

Wearing our train hats. Like gangsters!

Catherine, Papa, Nana, and Brian.  Danny we will photoshop you in! :)

Layla wearing a train hat too

Our train party prom pose

Playing with all of his new toys

Some of us adults even went out for a night out on the town in downtown Papillion.

Brian did some karaoke

We bar hopped a little. We only went to the classiest locations like Dort's.

Oh, what a night!

Group shot outside of Brownies in dt Papillion. We stayed out till 1:30 and boy did I pay for it the next day. This lady is getting too old to stay up that late! :)

Video of Brady with his new powerwheel
Bounce house craziness!


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