Thursday, April 25, 2013

Layla 11 Months!

Only 10 days late, haha!  Baby girl is 11 months old now and is sure acting like an almost toddler!  She's a crawling, pulling up, cruising, annoyer of brother, eating, and screaming machine!  Good thing she's cute! :)  Her favorite activity is now getting as close to her brother and what he is doing and mess it up some how. One of her favorites is playing with the velcro on Brady's shoes. Sigh.  It was a mostly peaceful first 10 months at least!  Brady's been doing well with it though. And the weather is supposed to finally warm up these next couple of days so we can get outside and not be squished in our tiny living room!
I'm not sure of Layla's height and weight but will find out at her 1 year appointment coming up in a couple weeks. How is it possible that I have a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old? The last year has flown by. Seriously.  Here's some 11 month pictures of my silly little lady:
Just checking to make sure we wrote the right month on there.

Silly little girl!

Oh this chair and this deck looks like a wonderful place to pull up on!

A little glimpse at her hair. Probably going to be a lady mullet pretty soon!

Looks so much like her daddy it's scary!

*Daddy was right on the side waiting to catch her so no Laylas were harmed in this photo shoot.

Layla at 11 months
Brady at 11 months


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