Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brady's 3rd Birthday Party

Brady had his 3rd birthday party this past weekend and it was a blast! Brady is still all about trains so I thought a train party would be the perfect theme! I didn't want to do all Thomas stuff so I combined it with a cute blue and red train clipart I found online. I went a little overboard but I had so much fun with this theme. Just as a warning this post is picture overload! Here are pictures from Brady's train party:
Here are the invitations we sent out

Brady all dressed and ready for his party!

The balloon wreath I made with a big red 3!
The Chew Chew labels to go on the silverware

Wrapped silverware

One of the table centerpieces

The baggage claim and a Brady 3 sign

The favor bags. They say Tanks for coming. You made me smile from buffer to buffer!  The favor bags included blue train hats for the boys and pink train hats for the girls. Also, a train whistle, a train sucker, and Thomas the Train fruit snacks.

The adult favors made by Eileen Cookies. They are amazing there!

Brady's cookie cake also made by Eileen's Cookies.

We had about 37 people so the party was in the garage as well as the house.  Here are the outside decorations.
A close up of the signs

Thanks Nana and Aunt Cat for making this sign!!

The cool Lego train Papa brought. Brady was in love!

Ross Station B3

Train tracks leading up the stairs outside

All Aboard!

Some Thomas decor near the present table

Choo Choo!

Some of the food

Arrivals and Departures sign with all of the kids names. Departures are the dogs, haha!

Our giant bounce castle that we got (more pictures of that in another post!).  It was 16 feet high and we had to put it in the front yard due to our sloping back yard.  It made quite a statement and we got quite a few stares by the cars driving by!
Birthday boy loving the jump house

A train table outside

Brady train pictures all over the house

Pictures of Brady blowing out a smokestalk

Brady's cupcake cake. The cake came from Target and they did a great job!

Rice Krispy trains and brownie trains

The coal car had olives in it and the log car had pretzels and those yummy Piroulines

Popcorn in our colors (red, blue, and white) from Just Pop'd

Produce car had carrots and celery in it and the hopper car had ranch dressing

Train track taco dip!
For the main meal we had pizzas and wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and then fruit, veggies, taco dip, pickle roll-ups, and lots of desserts!

Sir Topham Hat  even came to his party! (aka Papa!). He came down the stairs and Brady said, "OOohhh Sir Topham Hat!" Brady didn't know he would be dressed like that and it was fun to see all of the kids reactions as well!

Brady eating with Sir Topham Hat

The bounce house was a huge hit! So much fun!!

Some of the party fun

Cake time!

Sir Topham Hat brought his cake out to him

Everyone singing

Blowing out his candle!
Singing Happy Birthday

Eating cupcakes with his friend Brayden

Layla had fun at the party too. She mostly just ate! And ate! And ate! :)

Opening presents

Party was a success!! Love my little man and his train obsession! :)


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