Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Week

Just thought I'd do a little re-cap on our week since I know you're all dying to know what we've been up to, right?! ;) 
I've been trying to get a good picture of this little girl and this is now her signature "smile" if that's what you can call it.  She's a little stinker!

Brian had Monday and Tuesday off of this week (just random days he had off because he didn't have training, a sim, or a flight) and it was gorgeous outside!  We spent most of the day outside soaking up the nice weather. Layla got to bounce outside which she really enjoyed.

Brady really likes having his picture taken now..

especially when he gets to make a silly face.

We went to one of Brady's favorite places: Kenefick Park. This is where the Welcome to Omaha sign is off of I-80 and it's where some old trains are kept.

Brady was in train heaven

He remembered from when we went in the winter

He put his train hat on

Choo choo! (Crazy boy picture)

We were walking down the path to the parking lot and Brady said mommy, please take my picture. So we took some family pictures. People probably thought we were very odd.

Layla thinks he's soo funny

Yeah this pretty much sums up her attitude as of late :)

Daddy and Train Boy


They had fun

My little man is growing up! Almost 3!

Another day we had train, airplane, and car shaped pancakes! Brady's favorite!

On Wednesday our MOPs (mothers of preschoolers) group took a tour of Rotella's bakery.  They make super nummy bread here in Omaha.  We couldn't take any pictures in the factory but here's the before pic.  Brady wasn't thrilled about wearing the red hair net but he had fun on the tour. And yes it went from 70's to 30's (and snowing) in 2 days. It was wonderful.

Look, free bread!!

Yummmm (Excuse the Brady/Layla destruction behind him).

Also, Layla learned to crawl through a tunnel.

I tried to get pictures of them together for their combination birthday invitation...

It went really well

We also went to Jumpin Jax which is a jump place right down the road.

Brady bounced so high!

Layla enjoyed bouncing

And crawling around

And standing up on the bouncers!
Grandma is on her way here for a fun-filled week! Hope you all had a great week! TGIF! :)


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