Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and October update!

Hello October!!! October is by far my favorite month! Changing leaves, nice weather, my birthday, football, World Series, Halloween, what's not to love?!

Brian is home now which has been great! He's getting all started in his new squadron and has a flight tomorrow. It's weird for him to not be in training since that's all he's been doing the last 2.5 years! He has to go back for the Advanced survival portion which he will be doing for a week in October. We'll be sad to see him go again, but are happy it's for only a short time! He didn't have much fun while he was out there last month, but he's such a trooper and never complains about the bad stuff he has to endure to be a pilot. He was so happy to be home with Brady again, and me of course, oh and Rascal too! He was amazed at how big Brady had gotten in just a month and how many new skills he had picked up.

Brady is a big boy! He absolutely LOVES solid foods. I swear I could put anything in that kids mouth and he would eat it!! He loves his rice cereal, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, carrots, well that's everything that we've tried so far! :) He's really good at rolling over both ways and I'll put him down in one area and he's on the other side of the room in a matter of minutes. When he's on his stomach too he tries really hard to crawl, but just doesn't quite get that he needs to push up and then use his legs! He gets really frustrated too when he can't move when on his stomach. I'm not quite ready for him to crawl yet, so rolling will have to do for now! :) He is also really fond of the fact that he can make crazy noises, so he practices whenever he can. His new favorite is this squeal noise, I will have to get it on video so you can see it, it's quite the noise! I am also quite proud of the fact that Brady has blonde hair and blue eyes! He may look just like Brian, but at least I contributed something! :)

Not much to update about me! I've been kept very busy with the Brady man and try to occasionally get out and have some "Mommy time." I have a great group of friends here and we try to get together at least once or twice a week. Our neighbor just had a baby and our friends are just about to have one as well, so Brady can finally have some baby play dates! We are loving it here in Papillion and are happy that we get to stay here awhile! We recently went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch which is a really cool place in Gretna, NE (just about 15 minutes from Papillion). They had hayrides, corn mazes, pirate shows, live music, petting zoo, live actors, nursery rhyme areas, apple orchard, pick your own pumpkin area, pumpkin toss, pumpkin slingshot, and way too many more things to list! We were there for several hours and only saw half of it! Brady had a great time and was in such a good mood for it all. He got his very first pumpkin too! :) Here are some recent pictures, including the pumpkin patch:

I love peas!!!

Yummy, yummy in the tummy!

Our family at Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Lots of pumpkins!!

Only 2 feet tall this Halloween

Little ghost! With a pacifier...

My little punkin with a bunch of pumpkins!

Almost his size

Brady and Brian in a giant rocking chair

I love fall!

I thought this was the coolest

Brady's first hayride

We found one!

So many to choose from

That's my pumpkin!

Brady wanted this one, but it was too big

Waiting for the hayride to pick us back up

Hayrides are the best!

Corn maze!

He could only take so much excitement

More pumpkins!

Brady with his pumpkin

Mom, look how cool my pumpkin is! And my drool.

My feet are the coolest

Brady and I hanging out


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