Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brady Post

This is the B to the R to the A to the D and the Y....BRADY! I just wanted to show off a few pictures and tell about the weekend the right way since Mom likes to sugarcoat everything, oh our life is wonderful fall trees, birthday cake, blah blah. Her real life is full of baby barf and poop. Also remember when we lost the pacifier in the forest? Thanks a lot Dad!

Only the real gangster babies drool

Oh good, this was before the parents lost the pacifier. Thanks guys!

So it was Mom's birthday and I thought to myself, what does my mom need? And I came up with the perfect gift...a banana holder. Here we are pictured with it and to top it all off, my shirt says Bananas over Mommy. Baby genius.

This picture was forced. I tried to throw up right before it so I wouldn't have to take the picture but Dad still took it. Blah

We had to go to this stupid Pet Fair and all I got was this stupid freakin Petco frisbee. "This fair is for your brother, blah, blah." The frisbee was awesome to chew on though. Too bad I got to it after the St Bernards did. Oh well.

I'm going to be honest, this solid food thing is awesome. But I tried the worst thing ever the other day. Mom called them bananas, I called them horrible garbage. I instantly regretted the banana holder present.

Crap, I'm really going to have to re-think this monkey Halloween costume. Bananas are the worst thing invented.

So I was watching the Twins game and I ripped off my sleeper out of anger. C'mon Twins get a d*&$ hit!

Watching with my dad. I hate the Yankees and I'm not even 6 months old yet. That tells you how horrible they are.

Seriously, didn't we just do this like yesterday? Can't we go to Baby Gap or Babies R Us or something?

Oh this is good. So my genius parents try and take the stroller off the boardwalk on the trails. Did you not see the rocks? My mom went on ahead to go check out the Missouri River and I was napping peacefully in my stroller. My dad decides hey let's ditch the stroller and go see the river too! So he parks my stroller on the edge of a cliff, no lie, the edge. A squirrel could have farted and that thing would have been bye bye. So my dad puts my exhausted self in the carrier with my pacifier. Of course it falls out, what do you expect? An hour later mom is like, hey where's his pacifier? Needless to say we are re-tracing our steps to find the pacifier.

This one is your fault guys, I ain't looking for it.

Did you guys honestly get college degrees? They let you take me home from the hospital? Oh wait, there it is!! In the brush we found my soulmate, my green pacifier.

Hey baby, what's your name? Yeah I may be strapped to my dad but I do sleep in my crib alone. Holler at me girl.

Man I look good

Wait, how many deer licked my pacifier?

My dad recorded me playing and pushing poopy out. Ok sickos, not the actual poop coming out, but just making the noise. They seem to think it's hilarious, I think it just proves how hard I work.
Till next time folks!
Brady Brian Ross


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