Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rascal Romeo Ross

Hello, this is Triple R. If you would like to read the other updates, please refer to the previous 2 posts from my brother and my mother. Here are some pictures I took this weekend:

So I told my stupid brother, yo baby, I've been lots of hikes with mom and dad. If you can't keep up, we will leave you. I've hiked mountains before.

Camo Rascal! My dad taught me cool survival tricks.

Hiking is awesome!!!

My dad is so cool. SO talented!

I. Look. Great.

Mom and I with her birthday present I got her. Body pillow=snuggle magic

ARF FORCE. Get it? I got so many comments. Typical.

Hey, little boy carry my crap

The Offutt Pet Fair was the best!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom looks blind, but I look good. I've been working out, thanks for noticing.

I would like to introduce you to myball. Myball is my best friend and it squeaks and it's round and it's red and white and it rolls.


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