Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

What a great weekend!! Well, besides the Twins losing to the Yankees. But we won't talk about that. This year my birthday fell on a Saturday and Brian was actually home so it turned into birthday weekend! Brian had Friday off and has Monday off too so we have gotten to spend lots of good quality family time together.

On Friday, I really wanted to go hiking, so we went to the Lewis and Clark Monument in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The leaves are changing and the weather was in the high 70's (amazing for October, right?!) so it was a beautiful hike. Rascal and Brady both came too and it was a great day! Brady did so great in his carrier and Rascal, the expert hiker, showed us all of the great trails. Brian was busy showing us what plants were edible from his survival training and bored err.. intrigued us with all of the cool tricks he learned out there.

On Saturday, my actual birthday, we went to the Offutt AFB pet fair. They had a tent set up with a bunch of pet vendors and we got a ton of free stuff to try and got to see lots of different kinds of pets. They also had a costume contest, and a best trick contest, but since Rascal has PTSD from the Columbus Day pet parade last year we just watched. After that we went to a friend's baby shower and had a great time! They are due in the next week and have kept the gender a secret so we are very excited for their baby to be born! After that we came home to watch the Twins game. Very depressing.

Today, we decided to check out another hiking area, the Fontenelle Forest. It was beautiful as well and we had a great hike!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! This was the first birthday (25) that I just wasn't thrilled about! It's been a great quarter of a century and I can only hope the next 3 quarters are just as great! :) Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Hiking in Council Bluffs, IA

I just love fall! And these guys too! :)

25 years young! :)

The Missouri river looking out to Omaha

Brian bought me a Birthday Princess sash that he made me wear and my new YMCA membership!

Offutt Pet Fair. And yes that lady is wearing a princess costume with her princess weiner dog.

Baby shower with my amazing Nebraska friends!

Left to right: Ruby, (Danielle's daughter), Alma, Pearlie (38 weeks pregnant), me, and Danielle
(Our husbands are all pilots and went through RC-135 training together)

My birthday cookie cake the ladies got me!

Ross family all decked out in Twins gear

Ready to go hiking!

Fontenelle Forest

Boardwalk area that leads to all sorts of trails

A very green marsh

I love fall!

Missouri River

One of the trails. Note to self, do not bring a stroller off of the boardwalk area.

Love them! :)


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