Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Weekend and other random ramblings

Hope that everyone had a good weekend! I just have a few things to share with you, including pictures of our first real snowfall! And because it is Monday and below zero outside (seriously, its -1, with a windchill of -18) I will do so in bullet form.

  • I will start off with the best news/event of this weekend: We got a return date for Brian!! YAY!! And to not neglect OPSEC, I cannot disclose this date but just know that it's soon! And before Christmas!!! :)
  • Our commissary has this new super neat program called Click 2 Go. You order your groceries online on their easy website (you can either search for exact item or look through categories).  Then you can select what time frame to pick it up, go on base, go to the click 2 go section, press the intercom, tell them your name, go to the designated parking spot, and they bring your groceries right out to you! They also let you use coupons! Best part is, the service is free (it's a trial program here right now) AND you're not allowed to tip!  Umm it's been amazing! I've only used it twice so far (base is a little far for us and a little confusing for the kids who think we're going there to pick up Daddy). I was a little weary about having someone else pick out my meat and produce but so far so good!  Best part is that it has been REALLY cold here the past week so all I had to do was warm up our car, get the kids in, and I never had to get them out in the cold but still had a car full of groceries.  They're not paying me to endorse this, but check out if your military instillation has this, because it's awesome!
  • I seriously belong to the best MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group out there. They have been bringing us meals since we got back from Minnesota and many offers of help and I so appreciate all of them.
  • Wrapping Christmas gifts is time consuming! Holy moly! I've been working on it for at least 2 hours a night the past couple evenings and wow it's amazing how much time it takes! Christmas is getting closer and I know 2 little kids who are going to have a pretty great Christmas! :)
  • We got our first snowfall this weekend and the kids were just itching to get out and play in it.


Layla was pumped!

Giggling and laughing when we first got out there. And also using a rake as a shovel. 

They shoveled, I took pictures  (ok and I shoveled a little too). 

We did some sled action with all of the kids

And approx 10 minutes into it, Layla had had enough.

I HATE WINTER! I hear ya lady, I do too.  

So inside she went and outside Brady stayed. I should mention that our neighbors did come shovel our driveway earlier in the morning (thank you!!). Brady watched them in the window and shouted, "Hey! That's my job!" Apparently, he takes this man of the house role seriously. Now only if I could get him to take out the trash!  
  • Overall we had a pretty quiet weekend. We got our groceries and our snow. I also had a meeting  downtown (I'm planning the squadron's holiday party), we spent some time with friends, did some crafts, watched some movies, read lots of Christmas books, and I did some work for the white elephant exchange I'm hosting Tuesday night. It's never a dull moment around here!
Have a good week! :)


Shannon said...

Yay for a return date before Christmas! What a wonderful Christmas present!!!

Janelle Vannice said...

YAY for a return date!!! That makes my heart smile for you! :)

Also, that grocery service on base sounds WONDERFUL! I'm sure it isn't the easiest task in the world shopping with kiddos!

Becky Dougherty said...

I'm so glad to hear good news about a return date!! :)

That grocery service sounds awesome...especially for when it's cold!

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