Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Grape Girls White Elephant Exchange Christmas Party

I seriously have the greatest group of friend here.  We've been here for almost 4 years and when our time to go comes up (hopefully not for a couple more years) it's going to be extremely hard to leave. This is a weird base in that the aircraft Brian flies, it is only based out of here, so everyone that comes here stays a long time (usually).  Which allows you to really settle in and make good lasting friendships. It's going to be so hard to leave here because I have made some of the best friends here that I've ever had. I've never met a group of more strong, loving, giving, wonderful,  and hilarious women.  We decided a couple months back to start up a monthly meet up with all of us and we decided to call ourselves "Grape Girls". (Kind of like great girls but with a wine twist, haha! It was a google find.)   :)  Anyway, we had our Christmas party last night at my house (with the kids downstairs with a sitter for those whose husbands were gone) and we had an absolute blast!   
Some of the ladies enjoying wine and girl talk. Everyone brought either wine, an appetizer, or a dessert and we had quite the feast! Although I never took any pictures of the food, silly me.

We realized that all 11 of us have i-Phones and decided to line them all up, haha!

Singing Happy Birthday to those ladies who had birthdays in the last month

We also played some games. I'm the corny type and I like to do some games and give out prizes.  Our first game was LEFT/RIGHT. I read a story and the ladies had to pass the gift left when the story said left, and right when the story said right.  

We played another game, a kind of 'get to know you better' game that I found on a baby shower website but I changed it myself to fit a Christmas theme. Here it is:
1.    Let’s get this party started girl! Pass to the one with the cutest curls.

2.    We’ve eaten some food, drank some wine. Pass to the person whose eyes are the most similar to mine.

3.    On top of my tree, I put a star. Pass to the one whose hometown is the most far.

4.    The elves make the presents for the little darlings and misters. Pass to the person who has the most sisters.  If this one has us on hold, winner is the person whose sister is the most old.

5.    Jesus was born in the manger, yes it’s true, now pass to the person wearing the most blue. If blue cannot be seen, pass to someone wearing green.

6.    Frosty the Snowman was a jolly old lad, pass to the person with the youngest Dad.

7.    Winter is the season for a ride in a horse and carriage. Pass to the person whose had the longest marriage.

8.    Santa can’t wait for Christmas, he has such a ball. Pass to the person who is the most tall.

9.    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, pass to the person whose outfit is the most bright.

10. Now we could sing a about Silent Night? No? Ok, pass to the person on your right.

11.   I’m ending this rhyme, this is the last poem. The gift you are holding is yours to take home.

Like I said, I like corny games! :)

And then it was time for our white elephant exchange. Rascal was very interested too. This is our 4th year of doing this and it's always fun!  Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera is reaching the end of its days..

Everyone brought a gift between $15-$20. The gift could either be a nice gift, a gag gift, or both.

It was fun to watch everyone's reactions

And even see some stealing going on!

Amanda opening my gift! The perfect date night: a fast food gift card, wine, chocolates, mustache/lip ice cube tray, and funderwear (underwear for 2!).  It got a good laugh out of everyone which is what I was going for! :)

Such a great group of ladies to share this holiday season with. And per these pictures I'm going to ask Santa for a new camera..any suggestions??


Becky Dougherty said...

How fun! I love LEFT/RIGHT games! We did one for our gift exchange with the girls in my family last year. We were laughing the whole time! :)

Jenn said...

I'm so glad you have such a great group of friends there! Your parties sound fun. :)

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