Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

I've been blogging for about 4 years now (holy cow!) but have only recently opened myself up to the wonderful blogging world that is out there. I have "met" so many wonderful and aspiring people out there and really hope to expand and get to know more of you out there!  One blogger, Becky, who I have had the pleasure of getting to know via a pumpkin swap recently nominated me for a blogging award. It's actually my first award and I really appreciate the honor, thanks Becky!!

The Rules
Thank the one that nominated you. 
Put up the picture for the lovely blog award.  
Tell everyone 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 7 other people and tell them that you've nominated them.

7 Things About Myself

1. I'm blind as a bat. No seriously, I have the worst eyesight. If I were to show you my glasses, you would be amazed at how thick the lenses are.  Thank goodness for the invention of glasses and contacts because I definitely wouldn't be able to survive without them!

2. I'm not a cat person. I wish that I was. And I'm making strides with my parent's new cat but I have never been and probably never will be a cat person. I just never can read cats.  They just seem so sneaky to me. The time we went to the humane society to pick out my parent's cat just about put me into the loony bin. Being in a room full of cats with my eager and grabby children was enough to give me a panic attack. My kids absolutely love cats though and probably would die from happiness if we ever got one. For now, a dog will have to do. And seeing Gramma's cat on trips to Minnesota.
Ignore the nasty picture of me but this my parent's cat trying to sharpen her claws on snuggle with me and I was a little freaked out. And these are my glasses (two facts in one picture!) but you can't see how thick the lenses are until I turn my head. Trust me, they're bad.

3. I've never broken a bone (knock on wood). And I don't drink enough milk either so this fact still amazes me.  I'm a pretty cautious person though so I hope this fact is always true!

4. If I could choose any place to live: it would have Minneapolis, Minnesota's metro, mountains, the ocean, 4 seasons but a mild winter, and would have a housing market like Omaha's. Let me know if a place like that exists. Oh and you'll have plenty of time to figure that out. Because we don't get to make decisions like that until, oh, about 2020.

5. I've never been stung by a bee (knock on wood again).  Yet I'm pretty scared of bees, although it's getting better. So when I would read things about it hurting as much as a bee sting, I don't know what to compare it to.  

6. I am married to an Air Force pilot, yet I don't really like to fly. It gives me a lot of anxiety even though I've flown countless times. My husband doesn't make it any better though, he loves to react to sounds or movements on the plane, "That didn't sound good! That's not normal!" just to get a rise out of me. Thanks, dear.

7. My children and husband are my world. I don't know what I'd do without them. And though they all drive me crazy here and there, I absolutely love them to the moon and back!

And now for my nominations! (You definitely don't need to participate, but I love reading these so if you feel like it, I'd love to learn more about each of you! And if you've already been nominated, I apologize, there's more than 1 person out there that loves your blog!).

Kate at Daffodil's

Whitney at Black Little Button

Shannon at Sitting in a Tree

Janelle at Wild Blue Yonder


Janelle Vannice said...

Love your list, and I'll reply soon with mine! :)

Also, I'm SO GLAD I'm not the only pilot S/O who doesn't like flying, hahaha. Dan is constantly saying things like that to me when we fly - he LOVES messing with me! I have such bad anxiety when it comes to traveling, and I think it's a game for him to torture me, lol.

Jamie said...

I don't like cats either. I just don't "get it". My daughter is obsessed though. She begs for a kitty regularly. Maybe some day I will get her one but not for a LONG time.

Becky Dougherty said...

You're totally welcome! Thanks for playing along! I loved learning more about you! I have to get the lenses for my glasses that are made specially so they aren't so thick! lol. I've also never broken a bone, but I DO love milk!

Shannon said...

Hahaha - the cat picture cracks me up. I'm totally a cat person, but I won't judge.

Thank you for nominating me!!! :)

Traci@TheHallway said...

Thank you so much for the nomination!! I will reply with mine soon!! Promise! :)

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

I am not a cat person either. And my kids keep begging to get one!

Thanks for the nomination! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

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