Monday, February 25, 2013

Minnesota Trip

For President's Day Weekend we decided we would take a little weekend trip to Minnesota.  It was a last minute trip and it was, uh, interesting.  The day we left Layla had her 9 month well check and we discovered that she had an ear infection.  She was also getting her two top teeth in (I think you can see where this is going).  Brady is 2 and acted like it in superdrive pretty much the whole trip.  But we made it there in back in 1 piece! Here are some pictures from our trip:
Brady with his backpack on ready to go to Minnesota (his new favorite word)

Brady and Layla playing with Grandma

We went to Water Park of America (by the way don't bother going there on a holiday weekend at opening time, unless you want to wait 3 hours to get in).  Brady had fun taking us on slides.  It was Papa's turn here.

Layla didn't enjoy the water too much...or really the waterpark at all but at least she looked cute! Grandma had fun! ;)

Papa and Brady going down the slide

Wooow that was fun! Again?

We also went out for brunch with Nana and Papa at Girvan Grille

What are you eating Papa??

We also went to Choo Choo Bob's Train Store in St. Paul and Brady was in heaven....



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