Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spouse Simulator!

Last week Brian's squadron had a really neat spouse's function: flying the simulators!  I was super impressed with it (it's millions and millions of dollars for just 1 sim).  It's also a full motion simulator so you really feel like you're flying (and you can get motion sickness too!).  Here are some pictures from flying:
This is the cockpit of Brian's plane and my friend Pearlie getting ready to fly. 

We decided to fly in Hawaii since it was -15 degree windchill outside that night! This was the view out the window.  I was sitting in the navigator's seat (sitting sideways behind the co-pilot) and this was my view out the window.

We also got to do some air refueling with a KC-10.  This was the view looking out the top of the "plane".  All of us thought we were going to puke but it was cool to see how they do it! (And I was super glad I wasn't really in the plane doing it, yuck!)

Here's me flying. I was so nervous!

Yay I landed it!! :)

It was so neat to see what Brian does and it reassured me that being a pilot is just not for me, I will leave that to Brian! :)


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