Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We hope that everyone had a happy Halloween! Our Halloween, well, it was interesting!  Both kiddos were incredibly crabby when they woke up and it continued into most of the day. Layla is teething and Brady, well I don't know what his excuse was yesterday, but he was crabby!  I think we're all just a little more than over this deployment and we're all a little on the edge. And I think we overloaded ourselves on Halloween events but we made the most of the day! Here are some pictures from our Halloween:
We started out the morning opening up Halloween bags

Daddy even got to watch!

Finally a book about princesses!

Pumpkin shaped pancakes!
After our morning festivities our sitter Kaylee came over and we went to the Papillion library's trick or treat.

Here's Brady getting candy from the mayor.  And my stupid camera string again...grrr

Layla slept through most of it but she was still a cute lil puppy!

We trick or treated all through downtown Papillion. It was really cool!

LOTS of trick or treaters!
And while we were trick or treating I got interviewed for the news.  Not the best idea to wear a huge orange sweatshirt and to not do my hair, but oh well.  Here's the link if you want to check it out at all!

Brady with Kaylee by the cool Papillion fire truck. That's Brady saying cheese very loud and very hard.

Kaylee with Layla

This picture pretty much sums up our day. Sigh.  They really do love her!

There's a smile!

While crabby child #1 napped, crabby child #2 had a Halloween photoshoot. That crabby child (and barking) #3 photobombed.

Yay, my first Halloween!

What do you expect me to do here mom?

Is this right?

Then we had an ultra fun dinner making our own pizzas. Yippee

And then the grand event (and number 6 out of 6 trick or treats, thank goodness!! What was I thinking this Halloween???) was about to begin. Little Red Riding Hood was ready!

Farmer Brady was pumpkin carrying and ready to roll

Brady with Preston his neighbor. (Brady was staring at our other neighbor's giant blow-up cat.)

After doing our own trick or treating we got all set up to hand out some candy of our own.

We were well stocked since last year we had 70+ trick or treaters. This year the temperature was in the high 50's so I expected tons of kids.

We waited and waited. Brady kept yelling out, "Hey kids, hey kids! Trick or treat!"

We decided to move it indoors.  Only 33 trick or treaters this year. Brady had a blast handing out candy though to those we did have.  Halloween is over, we have tons and tons of candy, and this mama is tired! :)


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