Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life with Daddy Home

Brian has been home for almost 2 weeks now and it has been wonderful.  It took a little bit of adjustment on the kids' part but we're pretty much all the way back to normal.  It has been amazing having my best friend back and having help with the kiddos. Some days I'm still like how the heck did I do that for 3 months?!  Brian went in today for the first time to fly a simulator but he's only working for 3 hours (gotta ease back into it!).  He's going to work tomorrow and Monday and then we're going to leave on Tuesday for Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Then the week after that we're leaving for Florida!!!  Yes we may just be crazy taking our 2.5 year old and our 6 month old on a plane. For 3 hours. To Disney.  I know, I know.  It'll be an adventure!  Here are some pictures from our last 2 weeks with Brian home:
We did a practice trip to D.C. and visited the Washington Monument. Kidding.  We went to the Strategic Air and Space Museum just west of Omaha.  We'd never been there before and thought it may be a fun thing to see since Brian flies planes, Brady loves planes, and Layla and I love guys that fly planes. :)

If I could remember the name of this plane I would tell you. I do remember it's the fastest plane ever. It was huge and really neat.

Brady super excited to build robots

Brady and Daddy building robots.  Future engineer?? :)

Layla and I are the lucky ladies!

Have to wear your airplane shirt to the airplane museum!

I think these stairs were the highlight of the visit.

Some bombs in a plane.

We celebrated my birthday..yay!!

27 years and 1 month young!

Layla excited for a trip to the park

Love these kind of days

Layla trying out the swing at the park for the first time!


Yes Brady, Rascal, Layla, and Brian are all going down the slide. Is that weird?

Layla and her daddy

Layla and Daddy again! :)


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