Sunday, November 4, 2012

He's Home! He's Home!!!!

86 days and 85 nights
1,020 diapers (who's counting though?)
1 staph infection (Brian)
4 typhoons
Missed birthday and Halloween
Multiple colds, illnesses, boo boos, tantrums, and tears (Brian) (Haha jk)
MANY sleepless nights
3 weeks of a broken plane
Seeing Brian safe and sound knowing that deployment #3, the first deployment with two little ones is done: PRICELESS!!!!!!
We made it! It was by far the worst deployment but it is done. THANK GOD! No more phone calls about another part breaking on the plane. No more, "I have bad news" or "I don't have any news" or "I don't know when we're coming home" calls. He is home!  Of course this deployment couldn't end normally though.  When I talked to him last he wasn't sure if they were going to be able to take off and make it all of the way to Nebraska or have to land in Alaska. So the whole day I stared at my phone willing it not to ring until 2:00. That would be when he would land in Nebraska.  By some miracle they were able to take off on time, get a tanker to refuel them, and make it from Japan to Nebraska in 16 hours.  Did I mention that he's home?! Yay!!! Here are some pictures from his homecoming:
Daddy's coming home?! Yayyyyy!!!!

Daddy is that really you?!

He just kept saying Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!! Hi Daddy, I missed you Daddy, oh, Daddy! It was very cute.

Are you the man in the phone?

Yeah it's my daddy!

Brady's got the biggest smile here, I love it! They're a little heavier than last time, huh?

We didn't get a family shot because there was no one else around (only a couple of people flew back) but we got one with the car not intentionally! :)

At home watching Finding Nemo. So happy to have Daddy back! :)


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