Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hi. I'm Brady. This is my story.

Hi. It's me, Brady.

Hold on a sec. "Hello?  You again?  Ok. Mmmhhmmm.  Yep. Ok. Sure. Yep. Ok. Bye bye."

"Hey secretary, put me down for a 1:00 appointment at Toys R Us.  Then a 3:00 at Jones Brothers Cupcakes shop.  And then a 5:00 date with what's her name. And then a bath at 8:00. Thanks."

Never mind move that bath to 4:00.
OK where was I? 

So we went to this large, large building.

Daddy was scared that this place wasn't really a museum but a place the goverment does testing on humans.

I told him he was silly. We just needed to sit in this movie theater and watch the movie.

We couldn't shut our eyes.

And then before I knew it a robot was grabbing Dad.

I had to use this claw machine thing to save him.

Then we were surrounded by a bunch of planes?

"Mommy, Layla, where are you?"


Ahhh Layla watch out!!!

Uhhhh Mom. Anyone else hear a ticking noise??

We need to get the H away from this place!

Then I found Layla over here. I asked what she was doing and she said she was listening to a cool pilot DJ.

I knew at this point I needed to do something to save my family.  I found this contraption.  I wished as hard as I could...

The next thing I knew we were back at home and we were singing happy birthday. I knew this couldn't be right....we celebrated her birthday a month ago...

I was afraid. There were way too many candles. I thought for sure the house was going to burn down. She can't possibly be that old.

Layla and Daddy ate the entire cake.

 I don't know why weird things keep happening to me.  I almost wonder if I should get a show on TLC.  Daddy says we shall never speak of that day again. 


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