Thursday, November 1, 2012

That Time of Year Part 2

Here is my story....Part 2
Mommy and Grandma thought it would be hilarious to put me through pure torture. Thanks guys, real hilarious.

Mommy and I got home and thought it would be fun to paint some masks. Since I am a budding Picasso I thought this was a great idea.

Do I have it the right way? Oh crap.

As Mommy's punishment for torturing Layla and I we decided to bury her in a pile of leaves.

The situation got a little critical. I heard something being muttered about "No Thomas for a year".  So being the good son I am, I went in after her.

Oh hell no, screw this. I'm not getting eaten by leaves.

What a mess. What a friggin mess.

More trick or treating. This time at the base. Hurray. At least they had cookies.

This nice lady was showing me how to do a fun craft. What mommy doesn't know is that she kept whispering about the bowl of candy under shirt. I thought she was pregnant. My bad.

Then we went fishing? Not sure what this has to do with Halloween.

Hey mom, want do know why I was so dang crabby Halloween morning? See my eye? Yeah that is cologne you let me spray in my eye. Where were you? I think it's called parental supervision. Try it. And thanks.

Yadda yadda trick or treating.

Even a super cool fire truck couldn't make me feel better.

"Hey kid! See this tire? It's says reserved for Pilot Brady Ross who appears on the local news. Move along!" 

This girl, I swear. You have your own food. It's called Mommy's booby. You don't see me trying to steal that! Here, try some peas..

Blech. Sisters are gross.
What you think this look comes naturally? A lot of time is spent in front of the mirror preparing my face for the world. Or is it preparing the world for my face?

You should see my guns after carrying all of this Halloween candy. Screw the gym, go trick or treating 6 times!

Wanna know why no one came to the door?

They saw her through the window and figured she ate it all.
Happy Halloween and safe November times! I'm out!


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