Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why I love my Daddy

It's Brady again....oh yeahh!!!  So I just had to share with you real quick why I love my daddy.  So here it is, why I love my daddy:

He's a good workout partner

He dresses nice

He gets the whole big slides are cool thing

He will act special with me in public

He's super strong

He runs through sprinklers with me

He enjoys monkeys as much as I do

He lets me walk all over him

And then lets me tuck him in

He was his squadron's pilot of the quarter!! Which basically just means that my daddy is an awesome cool pilot.

His shirt sometimes matches the color of a house

When he gets mad he looks really cool

And he throws rocks good into water.
He's pretty good at situps, but not as good as me.

The END!


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