Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Update!

Happy Mother's Day!! Whew! As you can see it has been a long while since I have blogged and it seems like so much has happened!  I am on blog #5 of the day and will try and do one more after this.  So if you are reading this one, be sure to scroll down and read the others!  We finally got a new computer and now blogging is finally much easier and faster, woohoo!  Well on this Mother's Day I am currently 39 weeks pregnant and am set to be induced tomorrow night to meet our little girl! Crazy, right?!  Well let me update you on what's been going on lately with the pregnancy.  So at my 34 week appointment everything was going well.  Weight gain was good, gestational diabetes was completely under control with diet, baby sounded and measured good and was right around 40th percentile for size according to my ultrasound.  However, my blood pressure was elevated and since I developed preeclampsia in the delivery room with Brady my doctor was not thrilled.  She wanted to be careful so she ordered me to do a 24 hour urine sample and bloodwork.  She said worst case scenario it is severe preeclampsia and we deliver this weekend or it's mild preeclampsia and you are put on bedrest. What?!?! I was less than thrilled because I thought the gestational diabetes was enough to deal with on top of having a toddler to care for.  Bed rest, are you kidding me?  Or delivery? I'm not ready yet!! Well luckily everything came out all clear and I did not have preeclampsia, just some pregnancy induced hypertension.  I was told to take it as easy as possible, monitor my blood pressures 3 times a day at home, and keep an eye out for the symptoms (blurred vision, swelling in hands and face, and headache).  She also told me that I needed to start doing twice weekly non stress tests (where they hook me up to machines and we try to get her to move and make sure that her heartrate goes up with movement and then goes back down) on top of my weekly ob appointments.  Every visit my blood pressure has been up but most of it is due to being incredibly nervous at my appointments now (my blood pressure is pretty good at home).  I did another 24 hour urine followed by more bloodwork but luckily everytime it has come back good.  My mom (who has been a godsend) came here on April 29th to help me out so that I could make it to all of my doctor's appointments and to help take care of Brady so that I could spend time on the couch keeping my blood pressure down.  My doctor decided that with the diabetes and the hypertension that the best thing to do would be to induce my labor at 39 weeks, 1 day.  I have had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor) and have had signs that my body is ready for labor but baby girl has not come on her own yet.  We may try another walk tonight and some more red raspberry leaf tea but I'm thinking this girl isn't going to make her apperance without some intervention.  I'm not thrilled that I have to be induced but I know that it's for the best, that we're in God's hands, and that that's one less week I have to worry about high blood pressure and prick my fingers!!  I was dilated to 2 cm, 50-60% effaced, and was at -2 station (for those that know/care what those mean!).  We've been trying
to enjoy our last few days as a family of 4 (including Rascal of course) and Brian and I have been blessed to go on several dates thanks to Grandma!  Grandpa came into town Friday night and Nana and Papa will be here tomorrow to welcome little girl into the world!  Praying for a quick and easy delivery as well as an easy transition with the big brother!  I will post pictures on here as soon as possible as well as a labor story!  I go in tomorrow night at 7 to start the induction so only 26 more hours as a mama of 1!  Here are some pictures of my baby shower, recent ultrasounds, baby girl's room, and some belly shots! 
At my baby shower on March 24th

My amazing baby shower!

More of the shower!

Me with my lovely shower hosts: Danielle, Alma, and Pearlie.  A big thanks to Pearlie and Luke for flying in for my shower!!

Some of the ladies and kiddos at my shower

Brady helping to put together his sister's room

Not the best lighting, but part of baby girl's room. It's a light pink/brown giraffe theme.

Brady's practice baby sister likes the room too! :)

34 week belly shot

Easter belly!

Baby girl at 31 week ultrasound.  She did not want to be photographed, hence her hand over her face.

Her profile. 

Belly shot at 37 weeks...full term!

Belly shot today at 39 weeks

39 weeks.  One of my last pictures pregnant ever again!


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